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Bhashni believes the only way to ensure you don’t lose sight of yourself is to keep in constant contact with your authenticity, your true passion and your purpose. Her strength lies in empowering you with self-awareness to develop your inner wellness, allowing you to bring clarity and well- being to your body, mind, and spirit.

Bhashni has been deeply inspired by Louise Hay’s philosophy. She is a professionally trained Heal Your Life Workshop leader. She is also an ETDP SETA accredited workshop facilitator, Study Course Teacher and Practitioner, Life Coach and Mentor with Heal Your Life South Africa. 

Bhashni is a Certified Advance Breathwork Practioner. She has completed a Breathwork Foundation Course and has trained as an Advanced Breathwork Practitioner with Breathwork Africa. 

Bhashni holds a teaching qualification in Foundation Phase and Early Childhood Development. Her many years of experience as a Pre-school Principal and teacher has given her the opportunity of working with young children.

Bhashni is the founder and CEO of Evolving Minds and is passionate about helping her clients evolve. Her coaching and mentorship is centred on building a strong foundation for her client’s personal growth, enabling them to become clear about their purpose, guiding them to unlock their true potential and actualize the visions and goals they have for themselves. Her approach is to inspire, empower and guide her clients to harness the power of their minds.

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”?
Bhashni’s mission is to help you find that answer.

“Behind every fearless individual is a fearless Coach who refused
to let them be anything but the best they can be"

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My personal progress as a Life Coach

I have transformed my own life considerably and this has given me the confidence to help change others’ lives through life coaching. Life coaching offers you the opportunity to get your life back on track, to achieve your dreams and ambitions and affords you the freedom to set yourself personal goals. It keeps you to be motivated and excited about the new chapters of your life.

If you are willing to work through the uncertainty it will teach you to reach out and grab the opportunities that lie ahead, it will grant you the chance to find contentment and happiness. There may be challenges and barriers during the journey but if you endeavour to try, you will certainly achieve your objectives.

I am someone that really finds pleasure in caring for others, I love to give people a sense of belonging, encouraging them without a judgemental outlook. I take the time to understand their behaviour, show support and truly listen and include them. Through my own life lessons, I have implemented these practices in my own life and in doing so, I have gained knowledge and experience and transformed my own life.

These challenges have helped me to grow as an individual, adding genuine value to my life and I now apply this wisdom to my coaching and training.

I’ve applied the insight that I have learnt as a coach to make a difference to my own mindset and persona. One of these valuable lessons is to discipline my mind so instead of complaining, I correct my thoughts and focus them on a positive outlook. To avoid a negative mindset, I have learnt to recognise when my critical self is evident and willingly choose to believe in my authentic self.

I make the effort to connect subconsciously with people on a different level just by the choice of my words and my attitude. I actively pursue my vision and know what I would like to accomplish by laying down foundations to achieve my objectives. Over the course of time I have learnt much about myself, other people and I can now reflect on how far I have come. It has allowed me to truly develop as an individual.

Before my journey embarked, I suffered from stress and exhaustion. I lacked identity and self-worth. By applying these new found principles to my life I have a new found energy that facilitates my working effortlessly through daily challenges that might arise. There are always choices in life and I trust my decision and act upon it.

I am only human and in the midst of it all I use to struggle with my own limiting beliefs thinking I could not be or become a professional coach, feeling unworthy and simply not good enough. I managed to conquer these limiting beliefs working with my strengths which encompass my supportive and compassionate nature, being an innovative, humble person that is a great listener, all of which being qualities that empower me to be a great coach. Most importantly I remain grateful. I also have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and improvement which has enabled me to keep growing and learning throughout my journey.

Personally, my coaching journey has been a life changing experience. I not only think differently now but I engage in a clearer non-judgmental way without distracting mind chatter. I deal with my own issues in an honest approach. I use the tools available such as breathing deeply, acknowledging, accepting and learning from the feelings I experience. I am now confidently equipped to facilitate and help people make positive changes to their lives. I have managed to achieve some of my personal goals such as qualifying as a Breathwork Practitioner, creating my own personal niche in coaching, facilitating my signature workshops which involves stress management and the breath. One of my goals is to travel and facilitate workshops around the world.

My journey continues. I continue to walk with courage, authenticity speaking my truth and expressing the love for myself.
I embrace and love the people in my life and the essence of life itself. I am humbled by the unpretentious truth. I breathe this thought in and I allow it to fill my entire Being. I understand that I cannot control everything and I surrender to the loving guidance of the Divine. Trusting that whatever is meant to be, will be and that God will always guide me, my words and my actions. 

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